Monthly Archives: December 2011

Interesting Wife, Interesting Life

Now that our lives aren’t consumed with wedding planning, it’s become glaringly obvious that I desperately need a hobby. I think it hit me on a Saturday afternoon when I watched the entire first season of MTV’s 2006 “Engaged and Underage” in the time that Neil had brushed up on politics, read a chapter in his book about history, cleaned our bathroom and set up a landing page for his latest business venture. Not even kidding.

I’ve come to realize that interesting people have hobbies or talents. The people I find most fascinating are the ones that are passionate about the things that they do. And those who have no distinct qualities are torturous to be around. (Hello, the Kardashians? Someone tell me WHY they are famous.) So, in an effort to prevent Neil from losing interest in me prematurely, I decided I need to teach myself a new hobby to make up for my lack of natural talent.

Neil must agree, because Christmas came early for me this year – I just opened my first real camera! Although I have no idea what aperture and ISO have to do with each other, or what they even mean, I am determined to take amazing pictures…someday. But for now, I have to deal with the fact that I can hardly use my point-and-shoot.

To give you a point of reference for where I am at currently, here are a few pictures that I have taken. We’ll call them the before pictures.

Apple-picking Patti. I appreciate my off-center composition. And how I followed the rule of thirds (I have no idea what the rule of thirds is).

Sun spots, blown out sky, under-exposed everything else. I’d say there’s room for improvement. And lastly….

I think my first step here is to find subjects that shave.

Boring people, unite! Follow my journey and maybe pick up a hobby of your own. We can be less boring together.

Love love love,