Our Favorite, KG

If you think chasing after babies is hard, try photographing them. During our most recent visit I think we took around 300 pictures of our sweet nephew, only to get about 15 that are in focus. That little guy is always on the move!

He has quickly become my favorite subject to photograph. He has the best personality and makes the funniest faces. But I also managed to capture some of his more angelic moments when we were all together for the holidays.

While I am miles from where I would like to be with my photography, it’s hard to be critical of your pictures when you capture moments like these:

Yes, he’s all smiles now. But that’s because he doesn’t realize how his whole world is about to come crashing down in a few weeks.

We did our share by teaching him some basic self-defense moves that he can perform with some items already in the house – an over-sized Pixie Stick and some plastic golf clubs. This little man of the house is going to need to defend his territory pretty soon and he needs to be prepared…

Oh, wah! Life is so hard!

Hang in there, K-Man. I have a brother too, and he made you. It’s not so bad!




2 thoughts on “Our Favorite, KG

  1. Mom says:

    Love the pictures and the post. Perfect!

  2. Jamie Nutt says:

    love your pictures- beautifully done. đŸ™‚

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