Caribbean Theme Night

It was 30 degrees outside, and snowing/spitting ice so hard that you couldn’t see the building next door. Lake Michigan closely resembled a scene from that terrible new movie with Drew Barrymore. So naturally, the thing to do was throw a Caribbean Theme Night.

If you’ve seen our wedding video, you know that Chris & Oliver outed us for dressing up and having theme nights from time to time. Saturday night was no different. The theme was Caribbean. The dress code was tropical colors. The food was from scratch and the drinks didn’t disappoint. We set our AppleTV to a variety of “Reggaeton” stations and other frightening options and made fantastic pita bread topped with chicken, avocado, onion, cilantro and a blend of vanilla yogurt & lime juice. Pair that with a side of coconut rice and a boat drink to boot.



Sometimes people ask me how/why I am still so obsessed with Neil. Unless they are coming out of a really bad breakup, my answer is always this: When someone makes literally every day so much fun, you want to live in that little world with them every waking moment.

Stay tuned for more N+C theme nights, and promise to host some of your own! I promise you will soon forget that you live next to a lake in Chicago (that’s what the boat drinks are for).

Love love love,



2 thoughts on “Caribbean Theme Night

  1. Shea says:

    Okay, I seriously want to be invited over for a theme night….pretty please?

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