Quick Craft – Cake Toppers

I accept the fact that I am one of the two people I know who would actually prefer to spend Friday night crafting and watching Friends reruns. Since the other one lives in Kansas City and is busy with 1.75 children (2.75 if you count her husband slash my brother), I have been trying to find ways to get my craft fix in an appropriate amount of time. Enter the Quick Craft! Minimal time, maximum enjoyment. Remember these little guys?

This is how we do: Get some tissue paper for free from Anthropologie. Or buy some, but in my case CVS was completely out and Anthro had over-wrapped my most recent purchase. I was left with no choice! Accordion-fold the paper multiple times so that one cut makes many circles. Huge time-saver. Now, you COULD buy this … or you could trace a shot glass over and over and cut the circles out yourself. You can probably guess which one I did.

I used thirty circles for the fuller toppers, and about twenty for the smaller ones. Stack them and with a needle and thread, puncture the circles through the middle and bring the needle back through. Tie a loose knot, like this:

Am I making sense? Here is what it looks like from the other side:

If you pull the knot too tight, you will rip the circles and forever curse this stupid craft. So be gentle! Then it’s time to cut slits that go almost to the center, but not completely. I did one with 8 cuts like the one below, another with 10 cuts and the third with 6. They all look the same in the end, if that means anything to you.

Now grab some left over skewers from Caribbean Night, grab the hot glue gun, and go to town. Put some glue in the center covering the knot, and place the skewer in the blob-o-glue. I took the layers closest to the top and pulled them up against the sides of the skewer to start getting the round shape started.

Now it’s time to Fluff ‘N Stuff! (Puff ‘N Stuff reference). This part was the most annoying, and the part I had to give up on because our company was coming in ten minutes and I was still wearing a 2007 bar crawl t-shirt. But I had the best luck with gently folding the layers up that were on the upper half and down on the lower half, trying to crease them so they stayed put. You can see that mine could have used a little more fluffing, but you get the idea. And that, my friends, is how it’s done.

In case you missed it, here’s what they look like as a cake topper:

Happy (Quick) Crafting!



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3 thoughts on “Quick Craft – Cake Toppers

  1. Mom says:

    Has Neil considered giving up his day job and becoming a bumble model? He should!

  2. Saushan says:

    I do count my husband! So make that 2.75 kids. Thanks for the shout out; it should be noted, however, that I’m not NEARLY as crafty as you are! I do enjoy crafting though and Friday night is a perfectly acceptable evening to do so (Friends re-runs a MUST). Those bumbles are SO cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Jamie Nutt says:

    you are turning in to quite the martha stuart. im impressed.

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