Why You Should Be Drinking Tequila

I love tequila. It is by far my drink of choice. But if you’re like most people, your reaction when someone mentions tequila is either a) “Oh, I’ll never have that again—too many bad nights in college” or b) “Isn’t that the song Pee-wee Herman danced to at that biker bar?” Well, yeah, and it was cool of that busboy to give Pee-wee his white platform shoes. But my goal is to convince you to give tequila another try.

Tequila has played a starring role in our relationship—it was to thank (or to blame) for the first time we kissed, it was the central ingredient of the “signature drink” at our wedding, and we probably set a record for tequila consumption on our honeymoon. Here are a few reasons why you should give tequila another chance:

1. You’ve probably never actually had tequila. “But Neil!” you exclaim dramatically. “I’ve had plenty of Jose Cuervo.” First, stop being so dramatic. Second, Cuervo is not really tequila. It has tequila-like ingredients, but it’s made the cheap way instead of the proper way. The shots of Skol you did at that frat party were bad too, but you wouldn’t take it out on Grey Goose, right? If you’re going to buy tequila, you need to buy a bottle that’s labeled “100% agave.” That means Cuervo, Sauza, Margaritaville and a bunch of others don’t make the cut.

2. Good tequila is not that expensive. Sure, Patron and some other brands cost $40-70, but you can get 100% agave tequila for less than $20. And with this built-in ratings system (it’s either 100% agave or it isn’t), you know you’re getting something that’s quality. There’s no rating like that for vodka or rum.

3. It has zero carbs. All spirits are zero carbs, but it’s a bonus that it’s not as heavy as drinking a bunch of beers.

4. It tastes like summer. Whiskey tastes like an old library. Vodka tastes like a Russian battleship. But the refreshing taste of tequila makes you think of Mexican beaches, pool parties, and palm trees.

The truth is, I can’t convince you to like the flavor of tequila through a wiseass blog post. You just have to try it for yourself. So next time you’re at the liquor store, put down the Mike’s Hard Lemonade and give brands like Espolon, Camarena, or El Jimador a try. Pour it in a glass with ice and squeeze lime juice over the top. Even if it doesn’t make you dance like Pee-wee Herman, it’ll still be a good time.


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