Happy BIRTHday, Baby Yandel!

Today is a very special day, because we get to welcome a brand new member into our family. Our new baby nephew was born early this morning, and I already like him because he’s punctual! He arrived on his exact due date, which from now on we will call his birthday.



My sister and her family live in Texas, so we are thankful for technology allowing us to meet Yandel right away over video chat. We even got to sing happy birthday to him…which he actually hated. You can see the beginnings of a scowl here:



Grandpa Guy has already asked Yandel where he got that full, thick hair piece – and if they make them in adult sizes.


Seriously gorgeous, right? Congratulations to Pete and Holly, and welcome little Yandel! You are already so loved.

And what’s better than one baby, you ask? The answer is two babies. Thanks in no part to me and Neil, the grandchildren on the Kaplowitz side are increasing exponentially, and the next new pledge is due in just four short days. Get ready for hazing, little ones! I know two older brothers that are hopped up on fruit snacks.


With love love and more love,



One thought on “Happy BIRTHday, Baby Yandel!

  1. Saushan says:

    I came to your blog HOPING you blogged about Yandel! Perfect; so sweet with the cupcake. Love the line about their older brothers being hopped up on fruit snacks. So true! Congrats again Auntie and Uncle!!

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