Happy BIRTHday, Damien!

Talk about good days! Today we woke up anticipating the arrival of the newest member of our family. And he did not disappoint. Damien Nolan made us an Aunt and Uncle once again right around my favorite time: the 2 o’clock post-lunch snack time. We spent a good portion of our afternoon and evening cursing a crappy cell and internet connection in the hospital that stopped us from meeting him in (video) person, but here are the things we know about him for now:

  • He weighs about 7 ounces less than my favorite 8-pound bowling ball.
  • He makes pathetic attempts at crying that are completely inoffensive. Good luck waking anyone up at 2am!
  • He is not very tall, but there’s time to make up for that.
  • His older brother Kendan was not immediately pleased to make his acquaintance, but we think that will change.

We won’t know more until we meet him later this week, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


Welcome, perfect Damien! We’re so glad that you are here.

With love and two new nephews,



2 thoughts on “Happy BIRTHday, Damien!

  1. Saushan says:

    If I didn’t know you… I’d want to. Your blog is so sweet. And I’m tickled that the subject of this adorable post is the new little man in my life!! Can’t wait for you to meet him! Love ya!

  2. Mom says:

    This has been one busy week for our family! We are so blessed to have 2 new healthy baby boys. Let just hope Kendan accepts his brother a little better once he hits home. He wasn’t so impressed in the hospital. But something tells me he’ll warm up to him.

    Love, Mom, grandma, mammy, mamaw take your pick 🙂

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