The Neil and Caili Show

Now that we’ve gotten you all stoked for this living room transformation, it might be a good time to mention that this is probably going to be the biggest let down in blog history… but we’ll give it a go.

Before – Our new C&B couch does all the talking:

Ready for the after?

(Insert Ty Pennington) MOVE. THAT. BUS! (Sorry we didn’t bother to fix the cushions. We probably wouldn’t even if you were coming for dinner)

Totally stating the obvious here, but we have gone a little bit overboard on the wedding photos. We like to refer to our home right now as The Neil and Caili Show, because the only magnets on our fridge are leftover Save-the-Dates. To the right of this wall, we have a massive canvas of one of our engagement photos. And the slide show on our TV/computers is our engagement/wedding/honeymoon on loop. We’re working on it!

Who better to enjoy the N+C wall than the narcissists themselves?

We need some new pictures….




6 thoughts on “The Neil and Caili Show

  1. hopebrya says:

    I really enjoy reading halls blogs. They definitely make me laugh

    • hopebrya says:

      *y’all. I guess this blog doesn’t speak Texan. Oh and so y’all know this is holly. Had to pick a new name cuz holly was taken. It’s ho(holly)pe(Pete)br(Brennan)ya(Yandel)

  2. Saushan says:

    Might as well fill your walls with amazing pictures, which accurately describes your wedding photos! Looks great!!

  3. Deanne says:

    Love the gallery wall!

  4. Mom says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little overkill. It reminds me of our wall in the office before the remodel. You know the one with the diagram of our dating years. Hey just enjoy it because someday those pictures will be replaced with pictures of little “h’s”.

    • Saushan says:

      This is so true! Our house is nothing but pics of Kendan. Now that Damien is here we may completely lose all wedding photos!

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