Where Have All The Cupcakes Gone?

I’ll save you some time here. The answer is always, ALWAYS, “In Caili’s stomach”. I have passed cupcake binges off as dinner, sneaked them in after breakfast and eaten my nephew’s discarded cupcake after a birthday party…drool and all. And while I don’t discriminate against cupcake flavors, I think I found one that makes the other flavors yell, “Marcia, Marcia Marcia!”



The best part about it? I made it. Which means no more explaining/justifying $6 Sprinkles charges to Neil. I can’t take credit for this paper-encased miracle, but you can still be intimidated by me since I made my own caramel sauce.



Here is the recipe –  make this!



With liberty and cupcakes for all,





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3 thoughts on “Where Have All The Cupcakes Gone?

  1. Saushan says:

    Better yet… make it for me 🙂 LOVE the sign off too!

  2. Jamie says:

    Save me one (any left?)!

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