Oh No You Di-int!

Neil and I have been overindulging a bit too much lately, but last week was especially ridiculous. We somehow found a way to justify margaritas after work on Tuesday, PF Chang’s on Wednesday, and last night we went to Rockit at 11pm (side note, their truffle fries are out of this world). So today we made the hard decision to move forward with what we are calling “responsible cutbacks.” Neil has pledged to only eat Sweet Tarts/Dots/Chex Mix 4 days this week, and I froze the rest of my cupcake batch so that I can only have one if I think to take it out in advance. And tonight’s dinner we sacrificed the most, because we cut out carbs.

I grew up in a house that takes very little seriously, but one thing you don’t mess with is pizza. Patti would eat (and does, now that I think about it) pizza every day of her life. But in the name of responsibility, I messed with our pizza tonight. I think I broke a commandment when I made pizza crust made out of…


Now, I realize that by sharing this recipe with you, we risk losing all credibility when it comes to recipe recommendations. But one of these days when you are jonesin’ for pizza and Mr. Atkins is breathing down your neck, you will thank us. We got this recipe (found here) from our friend Deanne and were honestly shocked at how good it turned out.

Maybe it was all the cheese or half a bag of pepperoni, but we didn’t even think about the fact that it wasn’t real pizza.

Even Neil ate and loved this pizza. If this is what it feels like to make cutbacks, sign me up! I’ll keep cutting back alllllll week long.

Love and low carb,


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7 thoughts on “Oh No You Di-int!

  1. Saushan says:

    I, too, need to make some SERIOUS cutbacks. I keep using nursing as an excuse to eat like a heifer. Cookies every day? Not acceptable. WHITE coffee due to creamer? Not acceptable. CORN DOGS?!?!?! NOT OK. UGH. Help me!!!!

  2. Patti says:

    I busted out laughing over this post! I love how you are concerned about the crust and then load it with really fatty stuff like cheese and pepperoni! That alone redeems you as my child. The baton has been passed. And because it has to do with my favorite food staple I’d even be willing to try it.

    Love, Mom

    • nplusc says:

      I know, we realized after the fact that we should have left the cheese and pepperoni out…whoops. We didn’t say full diet, we just said a more responsible diet, even if it’s only 4% better. Also, did you like our tags for this post?

      • Patti says:

        Pretty witty I must say. I didn’t even catch that until you just now pointed it out. I love how your parents would loathe it and Neil’s mom would love it! Also does pepperoni and cheese really qualify as a low carb tag? Oops my bad. After googling it, it looks like it does. There goes my snarky comeback.

  3. hellomylove says:

    Oh thank goodness it turned out! I’ve been worried Neil was going to disown both of us if this recipe was a failure 🙂

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