A Dinner That Leaves You Wonton More

I am still trying to figure out why, when most couples order in and cuddle over a movie, Neil and I insist on spending our weekend nights challenging each other to obscure culinary battles. There’s nothing worse than that moment when you wake up on Saturday morning and realized you dirtied every dish in your kitchen the night before and you’re still mad at each other over “unfair judging.” Wow, putting that in writing confirms how weird we are.

Our latest cook-off was wonton themed, with ground turkey and potatoes being our “must use” items. If anyone wants to stop reading right here and guess what Neil chose to do, I will write you a check for fifty dollars and we can all call it a day.

My first won ton was Thai Turkey Basil with hoisin. It was basically ground turkey, red pepper, garlic, thai peppers and hoisin in a pan to taste. Add a lot of basil at the end and serve over rice, in lettuce wraps, or in this case wrapped in starch and fried. ; ) Wink!

My potato dish was, as the California girls like to say, SUPER BOMB. Potatoes, green pepper, sour cream, garlic and shredded cheese all wrapped up in what? Starch. And then pan fried. Bomb! We actually enjoyed my submissions a little too much; the second half of our chef battle had to be put off until the next day because we overindulged. That’s a good problem to have in my book.

And now on to Neil. He decided to go against everything he has ever done in past battles and make, wait. What? EXACTLY THE SAME THING. He’s lucky it was delicious. His favorite burger was turned into a wonton and served with some of the best homemade fries I have ever had.

Word on the streets is that he got the recipe from a Bobby Flay Burgers & Fries book. I think Neil sleeps with that book at night.

Neil’s turkey burger wontons had shredded cheese and crispy onions inside, and were served with not one but two kinds of barbecue sauce. My kind of guy!

I am beginning to wonder if you are starting to put us in the same mental category as Paula Deen. I PROMISE to (try to) put some healthy recipes up here soon. Or maybe post about anything but food for a little while.


Love and wontons,



One thought on “A Dinner That Leaves You Wonton More

  1. hellomylove says:

    This makes me so hungry! Don’t stop posting about food, I’m so amazed at how creative you two are in the kitchen! 🙂

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