Quick Craft: Wedding Re-purpose

Okay, so when I say “quick” craft I don’t really know if I mean it. Let’s go with relatively quick. I wanted to find a way to re-purpose the bracelets I wore on our wedding day, and turning them into a chunky necklace sounded fun. It was that or watch the Masters with Neil, and crafting always wins that battle.

The good news about this craft is that one trip to Michael’s and some digging around your pink toolbox should set you up with everything you need to turn a special piece of jewelry into something you will wear all the time. Here are the bracelets before:

And after I turned them into a necklace:

I used jewelry thread, which is essentially fishing line, and strung the beads onto three separate pieces and then put about ten beads onto all three strands to bring them together on each side. They sell little tube-like pieces of metal, which you then secure with needle-nosed pliers to keep the tension on the beads and you’ve got yourself a necklace! I am not going into too much detail with this once since I highly doubt any of N+C readers set aside jewelry-making time on Sundays.

And a lesson I learned the hard way: after you meticulously string all of your beads in the exact pattern you want, you should probably tell your husband not to pick up just one end of the threads, lest they end up scattered on the ground. Sore subject.

Happy crafting!




2 thoughts on “Quick Craft: Wedding Re-purpose

  1. Saushan says:

    Looks great!!! Good job!

  2. Meredith says:

    I loled at the image of Neil picking up the unfinished necklace!! Hilarious. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing girlfriend!!

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