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Crushin’ on Brunch

I have always had a love affair with brunch, but it’s hard to act on your feelings when your husband eats smashed cheese sandwiches and Chex Mix every morning. Bring him out to breakfast and he will order three sides of toast and a Diet Coke – only after trying to convince the waitress to make him a cheeseburger. That all changed one fine Easter morning when Neil met his most recent fling – the bottomless mimosa brunch. We made quick plans to throw our own mimosa brunch at home and forever rid him of his breakfast aversion.

To ease Neil into the whole idea, we made sure to stock up on some familiar friends:

So far, so good!

And since he never turns down a well-crafted beverage, we had a fully stocked mimosa bar (classy champagne, eh?).

Yes, this really happened. I am getting excited just thinking about it.

The main players were blackberry and strawberry puree, and of course fresh-squeezed orange juice. Yes, I really did wake up early to puree fruit.

Side note, and project for another day – chalkboard paint can jazz up practically anything.

And then it was time to eat. Neil chose to make banana bread pancakes. Let that soak in for a moment…Not just banana pancakes. Banana bread pancakes.

Do you need a closeup? Good, me too.

While that was a lot to take in, we still had an entire bowl of batter waiting. I made cake batter pancakes that were like…like, waking up and realizing that it’s your birthday but you don’t have to share your birthday cake with anyone.

These were almost as perfect as our first date to Chili’s. Can you hear the angels singing?

This brunch was almost too fancy for my yoga pants and Neil’s Space Mountain t-shirt, but somehow we managed. You guys/you all/y’all seriously need to throw your own mimosa gala, and send us your recipes! You can find the ones we used here and here.

In the past, Neil has never really seen what I see in brunch. But I think it’s safe to say now that he totally has a crush on it.


Pancakes and Mimosas,


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