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DO IT: Photo Traditions

Welcome to a new recurring category on the N+C Blog where we convince you to adopt our habits, called DO IT. And on this week’s DO IT, we are talking about photo traditions and why you need to start some of your own.

Whether you’re that guy who goes on a week-long vacation and leaves your camera in the hotel room, or that girl that takes 1,500 pictures in one weekend (in front of the Prada store, holding a tropical drink, dressed up in the hotel lobby, at the dinner table with half eaten plates, making a sad face at the airport before leaving), your iPhoto library could absolutely benefit from a few photo traditions. You will never frame that outstretched arm/self portrait picture of you and your significant other, so save yourself some battery life and limit your photo ops.

I first got this idea from my parents, who for as long as I can remember take a kissing picture at every new/cool/unique place that they go. They range from completely awesome…..

Dad and Mom in Japan

to slightly offensive.

Dad grabbing a handful outside the Grand Canyon

Regardless, they can trace their tradition back to the days where my dad had an afro and my mom had nerd glasses (the first time they were cool).

We’ve started some of our own, and one of my favorites is a shot where I become part of the epic Donny and Marie sibling duo in Las Vegas.

Donny, Marie and Caili 2009

Annual Sibling Photo 2010

The Sibling Sensation gets a new look in 2012.

Totally in on the joke - you kill me, Donny!

Here are a few other photo traditions we have, to get your little brains thinking of some that you can start:

  • Us with our winnings ticket from Vegas (Neil’s is usually up $20-$40, and mine is usually up anywhere from 40 cents to $3.00. I play it safe.)

  • On tropical vacations, we always take a piggyback picture which usually makes for some good laughing shots.

  • On Christmas day, we take a picture in front of the Christmas tree to track our growth from year to year.

  • Rather than take the scenic view that everyone is taking, we will take the picture from OUR perspective that was most memorable, like the view up at the palm trees rather than out at the pier and the ocean. It helps us remember what it felt like to be there. You will never forget what the Eiffel Tower looks like, but you might forget what it looked like to be standing in front of it.

Now that you know all there is to know about photo traditions, DO IT!


Love me some Donny and Marie,


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