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Compounding the Deliciousness

“Don’t compound the problem,” some people say. “It looks like a compound fracture,” your doctor says, taking a drag from his cigarette. “Let’s, uh, drive the cah down to the, uh, Hyannisport Compound this weekend, Jackie,” JFK would always tell his wife. But I turns out the best use of “compound” is: “Here, taste this compound butter.”

I first learned about compound butter from my know-it-all brother Eric, who once answered so many rhetorical questions correctly at a cooking class that the teacher finally asked him, “Are you a chef, or WHAT?” Compound butter is essentially butter infused with flavors–and as you’d guess, it makes everything taste amazing. Like famous Canadian Tom Green once said, “It’s better with butter.”

So armed with this knowledge, we recently topped off some steaks with a compound butter infused with garlic and green onions. You gotta try it.

1. Chop up some green onions and garlic (or whatever flavors you want) and add to a bowl with half a stick of butter.

2. Once it’s all mixed together, put the mixture on a sheet of plastic wrap and roll the plastic wrap until you have a tube of butter. Then grab both ends and spin it around til it’s wrapped tightly.

3. Tightly tie off both ends of the plastic wrap and then set it on the counter so your wife can take a photo of it. (The photo part is optional.)

4. Put the butter in the freezer for a few minutes so it hardens–the goal is to get it back to a consistency where you can slice it.

5. Once your steak is ready, cut the plastic wrap off of one end and slice some perfect discs of compound butter to place on top.

There it is. So easy a Neil can do it. Now you know one more way to use the word “compound,” you’ve learned a great new cooking trick, and you’ve thought about Tom Green for the first time in at least 10 years. What a night.

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